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Innovation types – areas of innovation.

The division of innovation types given by Joe Tidd and John Bessant became popular and widespreaded. It’s meaningful and comprehensible. And also, many lecturers of leading universities appreciated it. This division highlights 4 innovation types:

  • Product
  • Process
  • Position
  • Paradigm

Product innovation that is to say the change withing the product or service, that the company provides. For example – the new form of mineral water bottle or Apple’s new device – iPod.

Process’ innovation that is a change in a way of production or distribution. That includes – new method of bottle capping, so to say, a changes within production line. Moreover, the optimalization of supply chain is a process innovation as well. This innovation type was introduced by Dell and Sabre, with a significant role of the Internet.

Position innovation – refers to the change of targeting a product (good or service) and introducing to a new market. To give an example – Lucozade. Lucozade is introduced in 1927 glucose-based soft drink. Initially it was a popular medicament given to children and handicapped during recovery. Finally, the product set a new target and is nowadays being distributed and sold to physically active people as an isotonic bevarage.

Paradigm innovation – changes within mental model of an organization. One day, Adidas and Puma involved customers in production process of new lines of their shoes. That way, a passive customer could put themselves into designer role. Alright, but what about companies? Well they were given free support and designs from people from all over the world.

4P Map – the innovation areas divison map


The 4P map is a great tool for enterpreneurs.
It can show them, where their effort and resources concentrates, and on which areas they could focus more. If it’s possible to prepare a 4P map for a competition, it can become a facilitating tool to set a strategy in a certain company. So, this way the enterprise may gain the competitive advantage over its competition, at arelatively lower cost.

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